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Renee B. Radenberg

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Glass has a wonder-ful physical property - transparent or opaque - allowing you to see the illusion of space and depth, the constant play of positive and negative spaces.  This causes a magical flow within the glass, embodying fun, playfulness, and the spiritual energy of nature. This can be healing - by holding you in the present moment to enjoy that magic, be enthralled and charmed so you forget the world’s challenges. I create so people can experience the wonderment of glass.


I am a fine artist specializing in glass sculptures, mobiles and jewelry, which have been shown in multiple art organizations. I have always been an artist, having first discovered this passion at an early age.  I worked with many different mediums – oils, ink, acrylics – but for the past 22 years almost exclusively in glass.  I learned about design, space, color and light at Parsons School of Design in NY and continue to be mentored by renowned artists. 


Increasing public awareness of glass artists is an important mission of mine. I have curated "Glass and Water", "Glass and Water II" art shows at Rockaway Artist Alliance; "Glass and Fiber" at Williamsburg Art & Historical Center; "Transparent as Glass?" at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, "Togetherness/Oneness" at Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, "Visions of Glass" at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

I reside in Rockaway Park, New York where living in an artist community and by the beach has provided a strong influence and inspiration for my work. Although my original studio was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy years ago, it was rebuilt with a larger kiln and my art is moving in directions of different glasswork I could not have created before.  My ongoing passion continues to lead me to new explorations and designs in glass.


Anna Hyatt Huntington Bronze Metal for Sculpture Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 2021

Featured Artist at Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition
Awarded the Best Art Piece at 364 Gallery Recycle, Reuse Art Exhibition
Best Sculpture/Best Overall Piece at Rockaway Artists Alliance Art Splash Art Exhibition

Solo Art Shows
Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Rockaway Artists Alliance,
Beach Gallery

Group Art Shows
Catherine Wolfe Art Club at National Art Club, NY;
National Association of Women Artists, NY; Mattatuck Museum, CT; Pen and Brush, NY;
Audubon Artists at The Salmagundi Art Club, NY; 440 Gallery, NY;

Rockaway Artists Alliance, NY; Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, NY;
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, NY; New Century Gallery, NY;
Beach Gallery, NY; 364 Gallery, NY


Rockaway Artists Alliance, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center,

Beach Gallery, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition



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